Constitution v Guerriere Welcome to Waterloo Minis!

December 2018

This site is brought to fighting ship enthusiasts from another fighting ship enthusiast.  For some background, I took over Waterloo Minis from Rob Eubanks, a great guy and one whom many of you have dealt with over the years. My aim is to continue to provide the great product and service that has become the trademark of Waterloo Minis. One thing to note, Waterloo Minis is a labor of love, and I am a family man with a full-time job. I will do my absolute best to answer questions, handle orders, and make sure your experience with Waterloo Minis is as best as it can be. All of that said, there are times where family is first, so if I don’t get back to you as soon as you would like, please be patient.

I deal in Langton fighting ships, whose range includes:

  • Napoleonic warships
  • Anglo-Dutch warships
  • Renaissance galleys
  • Great Lakes warships
  • Ancient galleys
  • ACW warships
  • 18th century Baltic warships

Waterloo Minis currently is focused on the Napoleonic and Anglo-Dutch lines, I’ve recently added the Great Lakes line to what I carry. If there is anything you need and don’t see, let me know! Just because it isn’t on the site yet, doesn’t mean I can’t get it! If you see it on the Langton website, I can get it for you.

As always, if you have any questions, please email me at Waterloominis@yahoo.com, or leave a comment here on the site, or if you are in the Great Lakes area you can find me at some of the local Cons: Pro or Con Battlefields, SpartaCon, FlintCon, and others.


Jeff Przybylo