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Shipping Problems

To all, There is a known issue where some people are getting an error at checkout that says ‘no shipping method has been chosen’ and they can’t check out. If this happens to you, send me a note via email to Include your order, and I can send a PayPal invoice directly to you […]

Website going down

All, I am taking the site down for 2 weeks starting March 1 2017 for some updates. I hope to add inventory levels and start to get pictures for the items. Thanks, Jeff @ WM

Added Great Lakes vessel line

Just added the Langton Great Lakes vessel line. From the Langton site: “With this series, we cover the various periods of hostilities in North America. The dates in service are shown alongside each model reference, for your information. Where vessels were rowed as well as sailed on a regular basis, we have supplied a set […]

Sail settings organized

I’ve added another category to the sail settings in the Product Categories. Now, when pick a hull and it tells you which size to use (3D, 74, etc) you can use the Product Categories drop-down to choose brass or white metal, then sub-search for the right size. Click on that size and you can see […]

Busy, busy, busy…

So…very busy around here as the summer comes. Still working on adding the Great Lakes and ACW series. Also looking at a revamp of the sail settings to better classify them and make it easier to find what you need. Thanks to one of my customers for that suggestion!


I just added a shipping page to the menu. It should answer most of your questions about how I ship, cost, etc. As always, please contact me with any questions.

Adding the 1/1200 buildings cont’d

Still working through the buildings line, it is nearly complete. I just have the ‘miscellaneous’ and harbor sets, as well as some of the specific items like Fort Chapus, etc.

Adding the 1/1200 Buildings

I’ve started to add the Langton line of the 1/1200 buildings to the site. Currently, I’m halfway through the entire line, so keep an eye out for them as the next couple of weeks progress!