Added Great Lakes vessel line

Just added the Langton Great Lakes vessel line. From the Langton site:

“With this series, we cover the various periods of hostilities in North America. The dates in service are shown alongside each model reference, for your information.

Where vessels were rowed as well as sailed on a regular basis, we have supplied a set of oar banks (port and starboard). The wargamer can have the model fully rigged, then at a stage in the game where he/she changes to oars, can simply fit the oarbanks. At this time the sails will be declared ‘let fly’, ‘used in conjunction with the oars’, or ‘furled’ for game purposes.

An important feature is that most of the vessels were used by both sides of the conflict. In the list that follows, only the exceptions are noted.”

I’ve listed the exceptions as part of the product description. The sea base type is listed, usually either from the MX series used for the Napoleonic ships, or the RGB series for the Renaissance line. PE14 is a set of brass ratlines designed specifically for some of the ships (GL1, GL2, GL14, GL15). This is straight from the Langton site. I would guess you could take other ratline types and use them for the GL series – the brig, schooner, etc. I just haven’t tried that yet.