Welcome to Waterloo Minis

So. This is the first post of the new site. It took a while, but I finally worked through all of the issues and menial labor to get it up and running. I doubt scrubbing a wooden deck could be more tedious, but I made it. I did hum a few sea-chanties while I was building it, and I used a few choice selections from a sailor’s jargon, so I think I added some flavor to the site as she was built.

If you haven’t seen it on the ‘About’ page, I took over Waterloo Minis from Rob E. who many of you (including myself) know as a great guy. He helped through much of the trials and tribulations of manning the helm here at WM. I want to thank Rob profusely, and I look forward to firing a few broadsides into some of his models in the future! I also want to thank the Langtons for having the faith in me to represent them and their great product. There aren’t any better 1/1200 sailing models in the world, imho. Last but not least, I want to thank my wife for letting me take this on. She just rolled her eyes at first, but now, she waits until I’m not looking to roll them.