74 gun Middling ‘at quarters’


This is the 74 gun Middling modeled ‘at quarters’.

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This is the 74 Middling modeled ‘at quarters’. ‘At quarters’ refers to hulls which show the gun port lids open and gun barrels protruding.

BRITISH 74 Common, Middling and Large vessels:
Commons: approx. 168-170ft, carried 28 x 18pounders on upper deck.
Middlings: approx. 173-175ft, carried 28 x 18pounders on upper deck.
Large: approx. 176-185ft, generally 30 x 24pounders on upper deck.

Sail settings: 74; Sea Base: Medium; Ratlines: 74/80

Kits contain hull and separate stern piece. All are cast in white metal alloy.  (Note: Sail sets, bases, and ratlines are sold separately.)