Brass SF Full Complement


This a brass sail set for SF sized hulls.

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This a brass sail set for SF sized hulls.

This kit comprises the All Plain Sail kit, plus stay sails and gull wings.

All Plain Sail: All the square sails set, (courses, tops, topgallants and royals). The gull wings attach to the main and fore sails as in the pictures (the main studding sail going behind the main sail on the port side and the fore studding sail in front of the fore sail on the starboard side. Stay sails are individual pieces and have to be positioned/glued to masts and rigging.

The sails are photo etched brass, engineered to .25mm tolerance..
The separate sail parts enable individual shaping so that you can decide on the ‘attitude to the wind’, appearance etc. Individual partsĀ are numbered on the sprue to facilitate assembly.

All brass sail kits contain guide to assembly and diagrams. Also included: white metal masts; bowsprit and furled courses where appropriate.