Great Lakes Vessels Ratlines


1:1200 brass photo-etched shrouds/ratlines for Great Lakes vessels GL1, GL2, GL14, GL15

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1:1200 brass photo-etched shrouds/ratlines for the Great Lakes lines of vessels: specifically GL1, GL2, Gl14, GL15. These brass pieces are designed to fit specific vessels or classes of vessels and will add strength and enhance the appearance of your finished model.

Instructions for fitting:
It is recommended that the brass pieces are painted on both sides whilst still attached to sprue, for ease of handling.  When dry, they can be cut out, leaving the half thickness sprue attached to the top of the shrouds.

Temporarily insert masts into the hull and offer up the lower shrouds/ratlines to ensure a good fit (see note below).

Note: In designing the shrouds & ratlines for a whole class of vessels (e.g. 74/80gun), allowances have been made for the fact that models do vary in width and positioning of their channels. To compensate for this variation, there is a half thickness sprue at the top of the shrouds which can be used to span any minor gap.

We suggest a metal spray primer, followed by undercoat and topcoat in the medium of your choice (acrylic, enamel etc).  Shrouds and ratlines should be painted black to simulate tarred rope. The blocks would have been wood, so a wood colour is appropriate.